Good evening everyone. I’m making some cakes for all our Yorkshire side of our family.. it’s been tough couple of weeks and tomorrow we will go to say our final good bye to Jordan’s Grandad. I only knew him for 6 years.. that’s all you’ll say but he’s been such a cheeky old man that with grandma welcomed me in their home and hearts ♥️

I met them a little after I start going out with Jordan… it’s was funny because the first time I then our Yorkshire family(well jordan but I feel them all as my family too) so I met them all together when we celebrated Grandmas 80th.. I would never forget that time..

Long story short this lovely old man is now with grandma in a better please. Tomorrow we will go to say our last goodbyes.

I know this blog isn’t my usual happy and excited self but there is so much more to me than I have shown you. I hope you will read my blog. It’s like my diary where I can share a little inside of what’s going on.. but tonight is just

Rest in Peace Arthur Hay