Have you ever wondered why wedding cakes are so expensive. Stay on and ready bellow for some tips of how to get your cake cheaper.


As a baker and a chef for so many years I’ve encountered some overprices cakes and some underpriced ones.. sometimes you look at a cake and you know this is such an amazing work but sometimes not so much..


I was in the kitchen in own of the restaurants I worked prepping for this massive wedding and the cake arrived… it arrived in pieces for me to set up.. it was massive.. but all it was a very sloppy semi naked cake 4 tiers of it.. nothing else… not flowers.. no toppers .. the price was £850?!?!? I was so disappointed for this bride and groom. I set it up for them nicely which was hard as the tiers were so wonky.. anyway I didn’t hear the feedback. I was gone by the time they wanted it cutting but didn’t look like a good cake.. and £850 was weeeeellll overpriced.. that’s why I always consider my cakes. Can I do them, do I have the time or skill set. I also deal with customer that not always have massive budget so read below for some tips on little savings 🙂

1. Style – Naked or Semi-naked cakes are always cheaper. Order the cake 2/3 tiers of baked or semi-naked cake to get it slightly cheaper

2. Decoration (FLOWERS) – If you want to have flowers on your cake is better if you order them strait from your florist. One they will be exactly the same as the wedding so will match between and two they will most likely be slightly cheaper

3. Decoration (fondant and figures) – if you want fondant or more designed cake the price will most likely double because of the time and efforts the baker have to spend. How to save some pennies here? Look up figures and toppers online – eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc. You don’t need them to be edible as edible takes a lot of work and that why is more expensive.

4. Delivery and set up – delivery to your location and set up will cost you petrol fee and hrs rate for how long will cost to this baker to drop off and set up. Ordering 2 tiers cake are easy to transport and can be collected. Also if the size is not enough why don’t you order a box of cupcakes on the side. They’re usually cheaper and a nice little add on to your day without without racking the bank.


But always remember bakers spend a lot of time to make all this special bakes for you so please appreciate them. Hope the tips above help someone.