Have you ever wondered why wedding cakes are so expensive. Stay on and ready bellow for some tips of how to get your cake cheaper.


As a baker and a chef for so many years I’ve encountered some overprices cakes and some underpriced ones.. sometimes you look at a cake and you know this is such an amazing work but sometimes not so much..


I was in the kitchen in own of the restaurants I worked prepping for this massive wedding and the cake arrived… it arrived in pieces for me to set up.. it was massive.. but all it was a very sloppy semi naked cake 4 tiers of it.. nothing else… not flowers.. no toppers .. the price was £850?!?!? I was so disappointed for this bride and groom. I set it up for them nicely which was hard as the tiers were so wonky.. anyway I didn’t hear the feedback. I was gone by the time they wanted it cutting but didn’t look like a good cake.. and £850 was weeeeellll overpriced.. that’s why I always consider my cakes. Can I do them, do I have the time or skill set. I also deal with customer that not always have massive budget so read below for some tips on little savings 🙂

1. Style – Naked or Semi-naked cakes are always cheaper. Order the cake 2/3 tiers of baked or semi-naked cake to get it slightly cheaper

2. Decoration (FLOWERS) – If you want to have flowers on your cake is better if you order them strait from your florist. One they will be exactly the same as the wedding so will match between and two they will most likely be slightly cheaper

3. Decoration (fondant and figures) – if you want fondant or more designed cake the price will most likely double because of the time and efforts the baker have to spend. How to save some pennies here? Look up figures and toppers online – eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc. You don’t need them to be edible as edible takes a lot of work and that why is more expensive.

4. Delivery and set up – delivery to your location and set up will cost you petrol fee and hrs rate for how long will cost to this baker to drop off and set up. Ordering 2 tiers cake are easy to transport and can be collected. Also if the size is not enough why don’t you order a box of cupcakes on the side. They’re usually cheaper and a nice little add on to your day without without racking the bank.


But always remember bakers spend a lot of time to make all this special bakes for you so please appreciate them. Hope the tips above help someone. 

Hi everyone 


I haven’t posted here in a very long time. Life is been so busy and also I’ve been growing actual human 😀 baby is due in March and I will be taking some time off from baking. 

I’m planning to be off for couple of months the amount of which I haven’t decided yet but will definitely be closed for at least 3 months until we establish some kind of system. 

I will keep you all updated here and on my social media. 

For now Love you all 🙂 

see you soon 


Hi guys

Availability for next couple of months

August – mostly full but still couple of dates available

August 23-24th Fully Booked

From August 25th till September 8th CLOSED for business to get my son ready for his first time in SCHOOL! I do not guarantee I will answer any messages. – cakes already booked for this period will be done as agreed already.

11th of September – CLOSED

15th,16th,17th, 18th of October Closed

22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th December Closed for Christmas

31st December till 1st of January Closed for the New Years Eve

For March 2022 and April 2022 will not be taking any orders.


Please honour my time off and the fact that I have many pre-orders already arranged and booked.

Also please stop ringing me and not messaging back after I send you a text. As I’ve explained before I do not take orders over the phone at all.

There’s many ways to contact me
– What’s app – number available on my website www.mimitubakes.co.uk
– Email – info@mimitubakes.co.uk
– Facebook – @Mimitu bakes
– Instagram – Mimitu Bakes]
– Through normal text message on your mobile which number is on my website
– Go to www.mimitubakes.co.uk and send me a quick free message through there too.

Please understand I take between 10-15 enquiries a day. I can’t remember all or stay on my phone 24/7. So please follow my ordering system that’s in place through the methods stated above. I’ll be really grateful

Couple of useful information below

Cake/ cupcake flavours available on my website just follow the link – https://www.mimitubakes.co.uk/flavors-and-ingredients/

T&C – follow the link – https://www.mimitubakes.co.uk/faq/

My Blog – https://www.mimitubakes.co.uk/blog/

Start Pricing and Wedding Cakes – https://www.mimitubakes.co.uk/pricing/

I’m trying to spend some more time upgrading my website with new information and images so keep checking

Thank you for your understanding

Hi Everyone 


I`m back

Feels like forever since I uploaded in my blog.  Hope everyone is feeling great. 


I`ve been so extremely busy and also we had couple of software issues but all sorted and the rest being worked on.  


I have so much going on in the making and so many news to announce.


To start with my working Hours are going to change from September as Ethan start Reception in school. He’s well excited but that also means I will STICK to certain hours of work and be slightly less flexible. 


Watch this space for more news and announcements to come 

For now 

Yours Always 


Hi guys

So today my week off starts. I’ve made multiple posts and also an automatic message

The reason I’m taking time off is that 1st my son is 4 this week so I’m having some quality time with him. Also I’m in need of some time of.

How does everyone cope with your child’s first year at school? I’m excited but also full of strange emotions.. it will be one crying mummy September 😀

So I’ll try to keep an eye on my page but I rather spend time with him. Such a lovely little boy.. I don’t know how we deserve him. He’s growing very polite and amazing.

Anyway back to break time! I will be back 2nd of June with back to normal hrs. Keep an eye on my pages as I do have change on my working hrs and delivery hrs as of school pick up and collect. Also I’m taking time off for first week of school.

Love you all

Talk soon

Mimitu bakes

Good evening everyone. I’m making some cakes for all our Yorkshire side of our family.. it’s been tough couple of weeks and tomorrow we will go to say our final good bye to Jordan’s Grandad. I only knew him for 6 years.. that’s all you’ll say but he’s been such a cheeky old man that with grandma welcomed me in their home and hearts ♥️

I met them a little after I start going out with Jordan… it’s was funny because the first time I then our Yorkshire family(well jordan but I feel them all as my family too) so I met them all together when we celebrated Grandmas 80th.. I would never forget that time..

Long story short this lovely old man is now with grandma in a better please. Tomorrow we will go to say our last goodbyes.

I know this blog isn’t my usual happy and excited self but there is so much more to me than I have shown you. I hope you will read my blog. It’s like my diary where I can share a little inside of what’s going on.. but tonight is just

Rest in Peace Arthur Hay


OMG guys… you can’t imagine how exciting all this is for me.. In 3 hrs we should be LIVE officially! I hope everyone loves the website as much as I do! So many exiting times and projects to come.

Still baking at the moment so can be done by 4 and maybe do a little live around 5pm to welcome everyone to join my website.

Don’t forget if you subscribe and add your date of birth by end of today you get £5 off voucher. Go ahead and subscribe to 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 http://Www.mimitubakes.co.uk/#sweet-special-offers once you do so message me to let me know so I can give you your discount. How amazing right?

All this hard work paying off is the best thing.. honestly can’t describe how amazing everyone’s been through the year and how amazing Chris – my web designer and friend has been. I know I can be picky with what I like so he was so so patient with me 🙂 don’t forget to check him out and spread word. He’s open for more work now my site is done and dusted. Click here to find more details about Chris and what he does 👉🏼👉🏼 www.cjrdigitalstrategy.com

And lastly I’ll see you all at 5pm




Hi everyone this is my new blog for Mimitu Bakes .

Here I will keep you up to date with news and exciting stuff all about food, bakes and much much more.

Looking forward to share more with you all