Hi everyone 


I haven’t posted here in a very long time. Life is been so busy and also I’ve been growing actual human 😀 baby is due in March and I will be taking some time off from baking. 

I’m planning to be off for couple of months the amount of which I haven’t decided yet but will definitely be closed for at least 3 months until we establish some kind of system. 

I will keep you all updated here and on my social media. 

For now Love you all 🙂 

see you soon 


Hi guys

So today my week off starts. I’ve made multiple posts and also an automatic message

The reason I’m taking time off is that 1st my son is 4 this week so I’m having some quality time with him. Also I’m in need of some time of.

How does everyone cope with your child’s first year at school? I’m excited but also full of strange emotions.. it will be one crying mummy September 😀

So I’ll try to keep an eye on my page but I rather spend time with him. Such a lovely little boy.. I don’t know how we deserve him. He’s growing very polite and amazing.

Anyway back to break time! I will be back 2nd of June with back to normal hrs. Keep an eye on my pages as I do have change on my working hrs and delivery hrs as of school pick up and collect. Also I’m taking time off for first week of school.

Love you all

Talk soon

Mimitu bakes